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Golf Swing Studio at Dunbar

The Dunbar Swing Studio

Golf Technology working for you

Jacky and his team of PGA Professionals at Dunbar use industry-leading technology and equipment for both golf tuition and custom club fitting.

Inside the Swing Studio you will find the perfect environment for teaching, assessment and club fitting.

At its heart is the Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor which uses a stereoscopic camera system to provide the Dunbar Professionals with precise data on your swing and ball striking – accurate club and ball speeds, shot shape and launch angles, carry distance and backspin – essential to good club fitting and an excellent teaching tool with instant 3D simulation of ball flight after every shot.

Explanar golf swing trainer

The Dunbar Swing Studio uses many other training aids including the Explanar, a revolutionary golf swing training system which works on your motor skills and 'muscle memory' to help develop the optimum plane for your swing.

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