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  • Golf lessons by Jacky Montgomery, Dunbar Scotland
  • Golf tuition by Jacky Montgomery, Dunbar Golf Club Scotland
  • Golf coaching by Jacky Montgomery, Dunbar Scotland

Tuition and Coaching

Golf coaching by Jacky Montgomery PGA Professional

With excellent facilities at Dunbar Golf Club, including expansive outdoor practice areas and high-tech indoor swing studio, Jacky Montgomery and his staff help players of all abilities, from elite to beginners, adults and juniors.

Individual Lessons

Would you like to improve on a particular aspect of your game? Or find a 'quick fix' to a problem? Perhaps you're starting out with golf and want a simple introduction…

Whatever your needs, one or more individual lessons will bring tangible results. Lessons last between 30 minutes and one hour depending on your requirements.

Long-term Improvement Packages

Do you want to consistently raise your game over a period of time? We can create continuing development packages tailor-made for you.

We will analyse in depth your whole game and progressively work on areas for improvement. Packages include course management (with on-course tuition), golf psychology and golf fitness.

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