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Custom fitted golf clubs

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State of the Art Custom Fitting

"The most expensive clubs you can buy are those which do not suit you" – Jacky Montgomery

Golfers of all abilities find their game improved by using clubs created to fit their unique requirements. Shaft type, length and flex; grip thickness; face loft and lie angle – all enhance ball striking, flight, distance and accuracy.

Our custom fitting facility at Dunbar Golf Club uses cutting-edge technology to help you identify exactly the right clubs for your game. TrackMan, the industry-leading launch monitor, uses club and ball tracking radar systems to precisely analyse and diagnose your swing and ball striking and enable Jacky and his specialist team to assess the performance of your current clubs and pinpoint areas for improvement.

You can have clubs custom made to your precise, personalised specifications from top brands and models. Call our Pro Shop now to book a custom fitting session and get your ideal clubs.

Dunbar custom fitting studio
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